Real Time HL7 Interface


A life sciences company needed to link their commercial financial management system to customer clinical data management (CDMS) and accounting systems. We developed an application to transfer clinical and financial data in real-time using the industry standard Health Level 7 (HL7) messaging and communications framework.


Features of the software include: 

  • Multiple simultaneous send and receive connections
  • Message parsing and data mapping
  • Message queuing
  • Message failure reporting and analysis
  • Direct updates to back-end databases
  • Session layer management
  • Testing mode
  • Custom full featured Windows socket (Winsock) layer

Palo Colorado Software also developed  the full HL7 specification and helped promote it to our client's customers. We also assisted with the planning and roll-out of the secure private networks used for deployment.


The application was developed with SAP PowerBuilder, C++, Windows services and Winsock. It interfaces with Oracle and other SQL RDBMS platforms. The custom socket package was developed since none existed for PowerBuilder at the time. 


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