Web Product Catalog


A manufacturing company desired to provide a web based catalog for use by their customers, marketing department and sales force. Palo Colorado software developed the system using a team of offshore developers in concert with our client's domain experts.


We provided the design of the supporting meta-data, system architecture, synchronization and upload services, team management and other high level aspects of the project. We also developed the data entry functions and  back-end implementation.


Important features of the solution include:

  • Bi-directional synchronization with back-end databases
  • User created projects for grouping product sets
  • Processing of photos into multiple presentation formats
  • Rich user interface
  • Output via email and PDFs
  • Comprehensive search and filtering criteria
  • Generation of product meta-data
  • Support for thousands of products for multiple brands
  • Capture of visitor queries and search statistics

This multi-tier system was developed using C#.Net, HTML4, CSS3, Java technologies, FTP, web and Windows services, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Advantage Server and ISAM databases.


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